2 Samuel 13:1–15:37                                                                                                 

Key Verses: 15:25–26




1.      What illicit relationship developed in David’s household? (13:1–14)  What was wrong with Amnon’s “love,” and how did it affect himself, his sister and his family? (13:15–22)  How did Absalom react? (13:23–39)


2.      How did David respond to Tamar’s rape and Amnon’s murder? (13:21,30–31,37–39; 14:1)  What did Joab do to bring Absalom back? (14:2–23)  How did David respond to it? (14:24,28)  Why would he not see his face for two years?   How did Absalom force his way in to see the king? (14:29–33)  Contrast his appearance with his inner life (14:25–27,32).


3.      What did Absalom do to steal the hearts of his people, and what was wrong with this? (15:1–6; Ps21:11)  How did he stage a coup in Hebron? (15:7–11)  What strengthened his conspiracy? (15:12)


·         DAVID SAYS, “I AM READY” (15:13–37)


4.      When David learned of Absalom’s conspiracy, what was his immediate response? (13–14)  Why did he respond in this way?  At this time of crisis, who were David’s loyal followers? (15–18)  What was David’s concern for Ittai the Gittite, and how did Ittai respond? (19–22)  


5.      What was the people’s sentiment? (23)  What did Zadok, the Levites and Abiathar do? (24)  What does this show about David’s kingdom? Read verses 25–26.  What order did David give concerning the ark?


6.      What was David’s interpretation of his predicament? (25–26)   How did this express his faith in God’s sovereignty?  How could he surrender to the Lord like this?


7.      Who did David send back to Jerusalem, and why? (27–29)  Describe David on his way up the Mount of Olives (30).  When he heard that Ahithophel had joined Absalom’s conspiracy, how must David have felt, and what did he do? (31; Ps41:9)  


8.      After David prayed, who was there at the summit to meet him? (32)  What mission did David give him? (33–37)  As he surrendered to him, how did God begin to help David? (17:14)In these chapters what can we learn from David who surrendered to the Lord in the midst of hardships? (Heb12:5–7)