2 Samuel 16:1–18:33                                                                                                 

Key Verse: 18:33



1.      As David fled Jerusalem, what did Ziba do, and of what did he accuse Mephibosheth? (16:1–3)  What did David decide? (16:4)



2.       How did Shimei curse and humiliate him and his men? (16:5–8,13)  How did David respond differently from Abishai? (16:9–10)  Why did he receive the cursing like this? (16:11–12)  What can we learn from David here?



3.      What two pieces of advice did Ahithophel give? (16:20–17:4)  How did the first one fulfill prophecy? (16:22; 12:11–12)  How did Hushai persuade Absalom to change his mind? (16:15–19; 17:5–13)  Why did Absalom listen to him? (17:14)



4.       How did God answer David’s prayer? (15:31)  How did David escape, and what did Ahithophel do? (17:14–23)



5.      Who was Amasa? (17:24–26) At this difficult time, who came to help David? (17:27–29) As he sent out his army, what order did David give? (18:1–5)  How did Absalom die? (18:6–17)  Why did Joab ignore David’s order and kill Absalom?  What was Absalom’s legacy? (18:18; 1Sa15:12)



6.      Who was Ahimaaz and what was his motive in wanting to run to tell David the news? (15:27,36; 17:17–21; 18:19–28)  What was the Cushite’s report? (18:29–32)



7.        Read 18:33. How did David respond?  How did David’s mourning for Absalom reflect God’s own heart for sinners? (Eze33:11; Rom. 10:21; 2Pe3:9)  What should we learn here?