2 Samuel 2:8–3:39                                                                                         

Key Verse: 3:1


·         War between the houses of David and Saul (2:8–3:5)


1.      After David became king of Judah, how did Ish-Bosheth become king of Israel? (2:8–9)  Why did Abner do this? (2:8a; 1Sa14:50–51; 17:55) Where did their first conflict take place? (2:12–13 and see a map)  What did Abner suggest to do, and what happened? (2:14–17)


2.      How did Joab’s brother Asahel die? (2:18–23)  How did Abner and Joab bring a stop to the battle? (2:24–29)  What were the results of the battle? (2:30–3:1)


3.       How did the sons born to David in Hebron illustrate the strengthening of his kingdom? (3:2–5)  In light of this battle, how was God working? (1)


·         Abner goes over David (3:6–3:39)


4.       What drove Abner to transfer the kingdom to David? (3:6–11)  On what basis did he do this? (3:9)


5.      At this time, what was the broader significance of David’s bringing Saul’s daughter Michal back as his wife? (3:11–16)  How did Abner prepare for David to become king of Israel, and how did David respond? (3:17–21)



6.      How did Joab almost ruin the new peace, and what was his motive? (3:22–27)  How did David curse him and why? (3:28–29,38–39)  How did David conduct Abner’s funeral, and what did the people realize? (3:31–37)  Why was this important?