2 Samuel 4:1–5:25                                                     

Key Verse: 5:2b–3



1.      How did Ish-Bosheth react to the death of Abner? (1) After Abner’s death, what happened to Ish-Bosheth? (4:1,5–7)  


2.      How did David react when Ish-Bosheth’s head was brought to him? (4:8–12)  Review how David dealt with Abner, Joab and Recab and Baanah. In what respect did David try to unite Judah and Israel? (3;36-37, 4:1-12)


3.       What did all the tribes of Israel remember about David and about God’s promise? (5:1–2)  What can we learn here about the kind of leader God wants for his people?  Why did God want a shepherd-like king for his people? (1Sa12:12b; 13:14; Ps23:1; Isa40:11; Eze34:22–24)


4.        When the elders of Israel came to him at Hebron, what did King David do and why? (5:3) What did they do, and how was God fulfilling his promise in this?  How long did David reign in Heron and Jerusalem respectively? (5:4–5).



5.      After becoming king of all Israel, what did David do first? (6a) What is the historical significance of David’s conquest of Jerusalem? (Ge15:19–21; Dt7:1; Jdg1:8,21; Heb7:1–2)


6.      How did David establish Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? (9)  How did David become more and more powerful? (10,13–16)  When the Gentile king Hiram built a palace for him, what did David realize? (11–12)  What did David realize about God’s purpose in making him king? (12b) 


7.      How did the Philistines react to David’s new kingdom? (17–18)  What did David do? (19a)How did God help him? (19b–21)  The next time the Philistines attacked, what new strategy did God give David, and how did he finally subdue them? (23b–24)  What was the secret of David’s victory? (19a,20,23a,25)