2 Samuel 7:1–29                                                                                                                    

Key Verse: 7:13b



·         GOD’S PROMISE TO DAVID (1–16)


1.      How had the Lord blessed David and his kingdom? (1)  At this time, what concern did he express to Nathan? (2)  What was Nathan’s role in David’s kingdom? (2; cf. 1Ch29:29)  What was David’s heart’s desire, and how was he different from Saul? (1Sa15:12)  How did Nathan encourage him? (3)


2.      How did God step in, and what did he reveal about who would build a house for him? (4–5,13a)  How had God chosen to dwell among his people until now, and why? (6–7)


3.      How did God remind David of what he had done for him and for his people? (8–9a)  What would he do for them in the future? (9b–11a)  How did he reveal his sovereignty over David’s life and kingdom?


4.      What was God’s plan for David (11b–12a) and his offspring? (12b–13)  Why did God choose David in establishing his eternal kingdom? (16; Ac13:22)  How would God accomplish this in an immediate sense (1Ch28:6–7) and down through the generations, in spite of his people’s failures? (14–15)


5.      What does it ultimately mean that God wanted to establish his kingdom through David’s offspring? (Mt1:1; Lk1:32–33)  What would be the nature of this kingdom? (10,16; Da2:44; Isa11:6–9; Rev21:4)  






6.      When Nathan reported all this to David, what did he do? (17–18a)  How did he regard himself? (18b–20)  Why did he feel so unworthy?  How many times did he repeat “Sovereign LORD” (18–29) and what is the significance of this? (21,28)


7.      How did David praise God, and for what? (21–24)  What can we learn from the relationship between the LORD and David and his people?  In his prayer, how did David accept God’s promises and why? (25–29)