2 Samuel 8:1–10:19                                                                                                                                                       

Key Verse: 8:15


·         THE LORD GAVE DAVID VICTORY (8:1–18)


1.      List the enemies David confronted; find them on a map.  Who became subject to him?  When they brought tribute, what did he do?  How did he consolidate control of these areas?  How could David defeat them? (6b,14b)  What effect would this have on the people?  How does this point to Jesus’ victory over God’s enemies? (1Co15:24–25)



2.      Read verse 15.  At this time of victory, what characterized David’s reign over his own people?  How does this reflect God’s own character? (Ge18:19; Ps11:7; 33:5; 45:6–7; 72:2)  What effect does a rule like this have? (2Sa23:3–4)  How does this point to the reign of the Messiah Jesus? (Isa9:7)  Who were David’s officials? (16–18)



·         DAVID SHOWED KINDNESS (9:1–10:19)



3.      What was on David’s mind now? (9:1–3)  Who was still left? (4:4)How was such a person viewed? (Lev21:18–19)  What did David do for him? (9:7,11,13) What was his motive? (9:1b,3a; 1Sa20:14–15)  What can we learn from his kindness and faithfulness?  How does this reveal the nature of the Messiah Jesus? (Mt12:20; 21:14)



4.      How did Mephibosheth respond to David’s kindness? (9:8)What grace did he receive from David? (9:9–13)  How can we respond to the grace of Jesus with such an attitude? (1Co15:9–10; 1Ti1:14–15)



5.      When Hanun’s father died, what did David want to do for him? (10:1–2)  How did Hanun and his men respond? (10:3–4)  What was the result? (10:5–19)  What can we learn here about the consequences of rejecting God’s grace?