2 Timothy 4:1-22

Key Verse: 4:6, 7


         PREACH THE WORD (1-5)


1.      Read verses 1. †How did Paul preface his charge to Timothy? What basic knowledge about Jesus Christ did he mention?

2.      Read verse 2. What was Paulís charge to Timothy? How could he carry out that charge? ( 1 Pe. 3:15)† What does ďin season and out of seasonĒ mean?


3.      Read verse 3-5. What kind of opposition would he face and why? What must he do in the face of such opposition?


         I HAVE KEPT THE FAITH (6-22)


4.      How does Paul speak of his approaching death? What do you think this means? (Numbers 15:1-12; 28:7, 14)


5.      Read verses 6-7. How does Paul view his life? What does it mean practically that life is a fight? What does it mean to keep the faith? To finish the race?


6.      Read verse 8. Why does he not fear death or feel sorry for himself? What is he looking forward to? Why is it important to have a sure destination? A promise of Godís reward?


7.      Read verses 9-15. What several things can you learn here about Paulís coworkers and his concerns while in prison? What requests and warnings does he give?


8.      Read verses 16-22. What was Paulís source of strength? Why did he not put his hope in people? Why did he not need to? What did he expect? What is his closing prayer?