Acts 11:1-30

Key Verse: 11:26c


“The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.”


1.      Read verses 1-3. Why did the Jewish believers criticize Peter? What does this tell us about the church?


2.      Read verses 4-10. What had Peter seen and heard? Read verses 11-15. What had happened that explained the vision? Read verses 16-18. What was the key point of Peter’s explanation? How did the Jerusalem Christians respond?


3.      Read verses 19-21. How did the gospel spread? What was different about the work of God in Antioch? What does this teach us about God?


4.      Read verses 22-24. Who was Barnabas? (4:36,37; 9:27) Why did he go to Antioch? How did he build up the church there?


5.      Read verses 25-26. Why did Barnabas go to get Saul? Where was Saul and what was he doing? How did Barnabas and Saul strengthen the church in Antioch? Why were they called “Christians”?


6.   Read verses 27-30. What was the crisis throughout the Roman Empire? What did the disciples in Antioch do? Why? (2Co 8:5,9; Ac 20:35) What can we learn from the church in Antioch? In what ways was the Antioch church well-fitted to be a world mission church?