Acts 19:1-41
Key Verse: 19:21
"After all this had happened, Paul decided to go to Jerusalem, passing through Macedonia and Achaia. `After I have been there,' he said, `I must visit Rome also.'"

1. Who had been working in Ephesus? How had Priscilla and Aquila helped Apollos? Read verses 1-7. What was lacking in the twelve disciple Paul met in Ephesus? How did he help them?

2. Read verses 8-10. Where did Paul begin his ministry? Why did he move? How did this move strengthen and enhance gospel work in Ephesus?

3. Read verses 11-20. How did God work through Paul, confirming the gospel preaching? How did some men try to use God's power for their own benefit? Why did they fail? How did God turn Satan's attack into victory?

4. Read verses 21-22. After these things happened, what was Paul's new direction? (21) Why might he have made such a decision? Where did he send Timothy and Erastus? Why? (Ro 15:24-27)

5. Read verses 23-31. Who was Demetrius? Why and how did he stir up trouble? What reveals Paul's conquest of fear? What can we learn from this event?

6. Read verses 32-41. Describe the mob scene. How was the riot quelled? How did God protect his servants?