Acts 20:1-38
Key Verse: 20:28

“Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood.”

1. Read verses 1-6. Where did Paul go from Ephesus? How long did he stay in Greece (Corinth)? Trace his return trip as far as Troas. Why did he travel through Macedonia? (3; see also Romans 15:25-27) What was his destination?

2. Read verses 7-12. What happened in Troas? What can we learn from this event about the early church? About Paul?

3. Read verses 13-17. Why did he decide not to go back to Ephesus? Where did he meet the Ephesian elders?

4. Read verses 18-21. How did he describe his life in Ephesus? To whom did he preach? What was the content of his preaching?

5. Read verses 22-24. What is he facing? What is his one desire? What does he mean by “finish the race”? What is the gospel of God’s grace? Read verses 25-27. Why is he “innocent of the blood of all men”? (Eze 33:7-9)

6. Read verse 28. What is his charge to these leaders? Read verses 29-31. Why must they be on their guard? What was Paul’s example? Read verse 32. Of what was he confident in committing the flock in Ephesus to God and the word of his grace?

7. Read verses 33-35. What does Paul teach about the importance of giving? What was his example? Read verses 36-38. What grieved the elders most? (25) What does this show about them?