Acts 26:1-32
Key Verse: 26:19

“So then, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven.”

1. Read verses 1-3. Who was King Agrippa? What did Paul know about him? (1-3; 26,27) What was his prayer for him? (28-29)

2. Read verses 4-8. What did the Jews know about Paul’s background? How was Paul’s hope in Jesus related to his Jewish background? How was his present situation related to that hope? What was Paul’s hope?

3. Read verses 9-11. When Paul lived as a strict and dedicated Jew, what had been his view of Jesus and his followers? To what lengths had he gone to eradicate Christianity?

4. Read verses 12-15. What had happened to change Paul? What was Paul doing when he met Jesus? What did Jesus say to him? What does it mean that he was kicking against the goads?

5. Read verses 16-23. What did the Risen Jesus command Paul to do? What did he promise? How did God want to bless the world? How did Paul respond to Jesus’ command? What was Paul’s message? Why is it important that it was rooted in the Scriptures?

6. Read verses 24-32. Why did Festus interrupt? How did Paul use this interruption? What was Agrippa’s conclusion at this time?