Acts 28:1-31
Key Verse: 28:31

“Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.”

1. Read verses 1-10. Where did the shipwrecked party land? How were they received? How did God turn a potential tragedy into an opportunity for ministry? (See Mark 16:18)

2. Read verses 11-16. Trace their journey from Malta to Rome. How did God encourage Paul along the way? What was Paul’s situation in Rome?

3. Read verses 17-20. How did Paul begin his ministry in Rome? How did he explain his imprisonment to the Jews? What was the “hope of Israel”?

4. Read verses 21-23. What did the Jews of Rome know about Paul and about the Christian movement? What opportunity did he have to preach to them? What was his message? What do you think he said about the kingdom of God? About Jesus?

5. Read verses 24-29. What was the response of the Jews? Why? What was Paul’s final statement to them? Why did Paul quote Isaiah 6? How did Paul view their rejection? What can we learn from Paul about how to look at our lives and ministry?

6. Read verses 30-31. Describe Paul’s continuing ministry in Rome. What was the main content of his preaching? What does this mean? What can we learn from Paul in Rome about God’s way of working?