Acts 3:1-26
Key Verse: 3:6

“Then Peter said, ‘Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.’”

1. Read verse 1. Where were Peter and John going? Think about their past lives. How had they been changed?

2. Read verses 2-5. What was the situation of the beggar at the Beautiful gate? Why might he choose this spot to beg? What might be his attitude toward others and toward himself? What did he want from Peter and John?

3. Read verses 4-10. How did Peter respond? What did Peter have to give this man? By whose power was the man healed? What was the dramatic change in his life? How did he and the crowd of people react to God’s grace?

4. Read verses 11-16. How did Peter turn this into an opportunity to preach Jesus? How does Peter identify God? Jesus? Why? What is the contrast in the way they had treated Jesus and what God had done? What does it mean to have faith in the name of Jesus?

5. Read verses 17-21. How did men show their ignorance? How did God fulfill what he had promised? What did Peter challenge them to do? What did he promise?

6. Read verses 22-23. What did Moses prophesy? (Dt. 18:15) What can we learn about Jesus from this?

7. Read verses 24-26. What other prophets support Jesus’ messiahship? What was the covenant promise God made with Abraham and how has Jesus fulfilled it? What is God’s best blessing?