Acts 5:17-42
Key Verse: 5:20

“‘Go, stand in the temple courts,’ he said, ‘and tell the people the full message of this new life.’”

1. Read verses 17-20. Why did the high priest have the apostles arrested? How did they get out of jail? What did God tell them to do? What does this reveal about God’s mission for his church? (2Ti 4:2; 1Pe 1:24,25)

2. Read verse 21. What did the apostles do as soon as they got out?

3. Read verses 22-26. When was their absence from jail discovered and what happened? What can we learn about the attitude and life of men of mission?

4. Read verses 27-29. How did the high priest rebuke them before the Sanhedrin? How did the apostles answer? Why were they no longer fearful of men?

5. Read verses 30-32. How did they use this opportunity to witness to Jesus and the gospel? What did they emphasize in their message to the Jewish leaders? Did the Jewish leaders repent?

6. Read verse 33. How did they respond?

7. Read verses 34-40. Who was Gamaliel and how did he help the apostles?

8. Read verses 41-42. What did they do after they were released? Why did they rejoice? Why were they willing to suffer? (Cf 1 Pe 2:20)What did they do after being beaten? What can we learn from their attitude toward suffering?