Acts 7:1-60

Key Verse: 7:59


“While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.’”

1.   How is Stephen described? (See 6:3,5,8,10,15) Why was Stephen on trial? (6:13- 14) Read verse 1. To whom did he make his defense?

2.      Read verses 2-8. How did God call and train Abraham? What did God promise him?


3.      Read verses 9-16. How can we see God’s providence in the life of Joseph?


4.      Read verses 17-29. When and how did God prepare the Israelites to leave Egypt? How did God save and educate Moses? Why did Moses leave Egypt? What training did he receive in Midian?


5.      Read verses 30-34. How and why did God call Moses? What is holy ground?


6.      Read verses 35-43. What did Moses do as ruler and deliverer? What were the living words and the promise which Moses received and passed on to his people? How did their forefathers begin the history of disobedience and rejection? How did this continue and what was the tragic result?


7. Read verses 44-50. What was the history of the temple? What did Solomon, the temple builder, say about it? How does this answer one charge? Read verses 51-60. How did Stephen rebuke them? When he was being stoned, how did he testify to Jesus?