Acts 8:1-40

Key Verse: 8:4


ďThose who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.Ē


1.      Read verses 1-3. What happened to the church at Jerusalem after Stephenís martyrdom? What might the early Christians have experienced on a practical level? Describe the two responses in verses 2-3. What was Godís purpose in the persecution? Who is Saul?


2.      Read verses 4-8. What did the scattered believers do? Why? Who was Phillip? What did he do? How did God bless his ministry? What happened to the city?


3.      Read verses 9-13. Who was Simon? Can you think of any modern parallels to him? What message did Philip deliver? How did people respond?


4.      Read verses 14-17. How did the apostles in Jerusalem react to the news of Godís work in Samaria? How did God bless the Samaritan believers through them? What can we learn here about Godís way of working?


5.      Read verses 18-25. What does Simonís request reveal about his hidden motive? How did Peter deal with Simon? How did the gospel continue to spread in Samaria?


6.      Read verses 26-29. Why did Philip leave a growing ministry in Samaria? Who did he meet? Think about Philipís ready obedience to the Holy Spirit. How important is one man to God?


7.†† Read verses 30-40. What was the spiritual condition of the Ethiopian eunuch? How did Philip help him? With what result? What did Philip continue to do?