Genesis Bible Study Material

Lesson1         "In the beginning " (1:1-25) Question/Message
Lesson2         "It was very good" (1:26-2:3) Question/Message
Lesson3         "God planted a garden" (2:4-25) Question/Message
Lesson4         "When God's love is doubted" (3:1-24) Question/Message
Lesson4b       "Cain rejects God's sovereignty" (4:1-5:32) Question/Message
Lesson5a       "God's judgment and salvation" (6-7) Question/Message
Lesson5b       "A new beginning" (8-9) Question/Message
Lesson5c       "The tower of Babel" (10-11) Question/Message
Lesson6        "God's call to Abram" (12:1-13:4) Question/Message
Lesson7a       "Abram and Lot separate" (13:1-18) Question/Message
Lesson7b       "Melchizedek blesses Abram" (14:1-24) Question/Message
Lesson7c       "God's covenant with Abram" (15:1-21) Question/Message
Lesson8        "God calls Abram Abraham" (16-17) Question/Message
Lesson9        "The Lord visits Abraham" (18:1-19:38) Question/Message
Lesson10a     "God keeps his promise" (20:1-21:34) Question/Message
Lesson10b     "God tests Abraham" (22:1-19) Question/Message
Lesson11       "God establishes Isaac's family" (23:1-24:67) Question/Message
Lesson12a     "Isaac and Rebekah's family" (25:19-34)  Question/Message
Lesson12b     "God blesses Isaac's family" (26:1-35) Question/Message
Lesson13a     "God meets Jacob at Bethel" (27:1-28:22) Question/Message
Lesson13b     "Jacob builds his family" (29:1-30:24) Question/Message
Lesson13c     "Jacob builds his wealth" (30:25-31:55) Question/Message
Lesson14a     "Jacob wrestles with God" (32:1-33:11) Question/Message
Lesson14b     "Jacob returns to Bethel" (33:12-35) Question/Message
Lesson15a     "God was with Joseph" (37:1-39:23) Question/Message
Lesson15b     "God reveals his sovereign will" (40:1-41:57) Question/Message
Lesson16a     "Joseph' brothers repent" (42-44) Question/Message
Lesson16b     "Joseph's faith and stewardship" (45-50) Question/Message