Genesis 16-17
Key verse 17:1,5

1. Read 16:1-4a. Why did Sarai and Abram think it was reasonable, and even God's will (15:4), for Abram to take Hagar as a concubine? How does impatience equal lack of faith?

2. Read 16:4a-6. What problem arose in Abram's family after Hagar became pregnant? How did Abram and Sarai deal with this problem? Read 16:7-14. How did God help Hagar? What did she learn about God? How did she show her faith in God?

3. Read 16:15-17:1. How old was Ishmael when God appeared to Abram again? What did God say? What do you think Abram's life had been like during those silent years?

4. Read 17:2-8. What was the covenant? How could it be an "everlasting" covenant? Why "everlasting" possession? Why did God change Abram's name? What does each name mean?

5. Read 17:9-14. What did God tell Abraham to do as a sign and seal of the covenant? Read verses 15-16. How would God bless Sarai?

6. Read 17:17-22 What was Abraham's response? Why? What specific promises did God give Abraham concerning Ishmael and Isaac? Read verses 23-27. How did Abraham demonstrate his belief in God and in God's promises? What can we learn about faith?