Genesis 20:1-21:34
Key Verse: 21:1

1. After the holocaust at Sodom, where did Abraham go? Why might he have been fearful? Who was Abimelech? How did Abraham lie to him? Why? (2,8-13) When had Abraham previously done something like this?

2. How did God rebuke Abimelech? What was his response? How had Abraham misjudged him? How did they resolve the matter? What made Abraham revert to this old bad habit?

3. Read 21:1-7. How does the writer emphasize God's faithfulness to keep his promises? How did the birth of Isaac affect Abraham and Sarah? Why did Abraham circumcise his son?

4. Read 21:8-13. How might Ishmael have felt about the baby Isaac? What did Sarah tell Abraham? How did Abraham react? Why? What was God's direction and promise? Abraham's decision? Why was this necessary?

5. Read 21:14-20. How did God show his love for Abraham? What did Hagar learn about God?

6. Read 21:22-34. Why did Abimelech come to Abraham? How is this second encounter with Abimelech different from the first? How can we account for the change in Abraham?