Genesis (23) 24:1-67
Key verse 24:58

1. Read chapter 23. What can you learn here about Abraham’s life in the promised land? (Acts 7:5) How were the realities different from the promises he believed? What can you learn from his faith?

2. Read 24:1-4. What mission did Abraham give his chief servant? Why his chief servant? Where did he send him? Why? Why didn’t Abraham didn’t want Isaac to marry a Canaanite?

3. Read 24:5-9. What problem did the servant immediately foresee? Why did Abraham refuse to let Isaac go back to Haran? How would God help him accomplish the mission? How did the servant indicate his acceptance of the mission?

4. Read 24:10-11. Why did the servant make such extensive preparation? Where did he go? Why did he wait by the well? Read verses 12-14. How did he address God? What does this show about him? What was his prayer topic? What kind of woman was he seeking?

5. Read 24:15-21. Who did God send in answer to his prayer? When he asked her for a drink of water, what did she do? Why did he watch without saying a word? Read verses 22-27. How did the servant confirm Rebekah as the right woman? What did he do then?

6. Read 24:28-54. How did the servant show his commitment to his mission? How did he describe Isaac and how did he emphasize God’s leading? What was his conclusion? How did Rebekah’s father and brother respond? What was the servant’s next step (52-53)?

7. Read 24:55-67. Why did the servant insist on leaving immediately? What was Rebekah’s decision? On what basis could she make such a decision? How was her faith like Abraham’s? Describe the meeting of Isaac and Rebekah.