Genesis 25:1-34
Key Verse: 25:23

1 Read 25:1-18. Describe Abraham's final years, including his death. How did he protect Isaac's inheritance. What is the account of Ishmael (12-18 )? How did God keep his promise regarding Ishmael?

2. What is the account of Isaac (19)? Read verses 19-21. What was the problem in Isaac's family? How was Isaac's way of dealing with this problem different from the way Abraham had dealt with a similar problem? How long did they wait for children (26b)?

3. Read verses 22-23. What was the discomfort Rebekah experienced during her pregnancy? What did she do? What was God's revelation to her? What did this revelation mean practically to Jacob and Esau?

4. What can you learn from the faith and prayer lives of Isaac and Rebekah?

5. Read verses 24-26. How were Jacob and Esau different from one another at birth? Read verses 27-28. How were they different as they grew up? Why did Isaac and Rebekah differ in their view of the boys?

6. Read verses 29-34. What was the birthright? Why did Jacob want it? How did he get it? What does it mean that Esau despised his birthright? (See Heb 12:16. Compare Ge 27:36; 28:6-9) In what respect is Jacob more fitted to be the covenant son than Esau?