Genesis 26:1-35
Key Verse: 26:3a

1. Read 26:1-6. When another famine arose in the land, where did Isaac go? Where did he evidently plan to go? Why? What command and promise did God give Isaac? Of what larger promise did he remind him? What did Isaac do? What does this show about his faith?

2. Read verses 7-11. Why might he have been afraid of the Philistines? What reveals his fear? (7-8) How was his lie exposed? How was the unseen hand of God protecting Isaac from his own foolishness? What does the resolution of this problem show about Abimelech?

3. Read verses 12-16. How did God bless Isaac? How did God's abundant blessing affect Isaac's relations with his Philistine neighbors? How did they harass him in Gerar?

4. Read verses 17-21. Why did Isaac move out of the city into the valley Gerar? (16) How did he survive in the valley? How did the Philistine herdsmen continue to harass him? How did he deal with them? How does his well-digging life reveal his faith and God's blessing?

5. Read verses 22-25. Why did he name his well "Rehoboth"? What happened at Beersheba? Why did he need this meeting with the Lord? How did Isaac respond to God's words of promise? What does this show about him?

6. Read verses 26-35, Why had Abimelech's attitude toward Isaac changed? When Abimelech came to see Isaac again, what change can we see in Abimelech? What did Isaac ask him and how did he respond? How can we account for this change?