Genesis 27:1-28:22
Key Verse: 28:20

1. Read 27:1-4. Why did Isaac think he would die soon? (See 35:28,29.) What did he want to do before he died? What were his instructions to Esau? Read verses 5-10. What did Rebekah tell Jacob to do? Why?

2. Read 27:11-17. Why was Jacob afraid? How did Rebekah help him? What did she risk (13)? Why did she think this was so important? What was her greatness? How did God use her?

3. Read 27:18-29. Why did Jacob think that the blessing belonged to him? (25:32-34) How did Jacob deceive his father? What was the blessing Isaac gave Jacob?

4. Read 27:30-46. What was Esau's reaction when he learned that his father had blessed Jacob? What blessing did he receive? Why was he angry? What did he resolve to do? Why and how did Rebekah persuade Isaac to send Jacob to Paddan Aram? How did she suffer?

5. Read 28:1-9. What instructions did Isaac give Jacob? What blessing did he give him? What do Esau's actions show about him?

6. Read 28:10-17. Think about Jacob's situation. How did God reveal himself to Jacob? What did God promise? What was Jacob's response? Read 28:18-22. What did Jacob do the next morning? Why? What did he promise (vow to) God? Why was this important in his life?