Genesis 1:1-25 (Read 1:1-31)
Key Verse 1:1

1. Read verses 1-2. What do these verses tell us about the origin of the heaven and the earth and all things? What can we learn here about God? What difference does it make that God created us? According to verse 2, what was the world like before God spoke?

2. Read verses 3-13. What did God do on each of the first three days? What is repeated each day? What can we learn here about God's power? About the authority of God's word? About God's goodness? His uniqueness?

3. Read verses 14-19. What did God create on the fourth day? How is this related to the first day? For what purpose did he create the sun, moon and stars?

4. Read verses 20 25. What did God create on the fifth day? On the sixth day (first part)? How had God prepared a life-sustaining environment for fish, birds and animals on the second and third days? What can we learn from God the environment-maker?

5. What should be our response to the Creator God? (Ro 1:20-22,25) What was the response of the Psalmists? (Read Psalm 19:1; 33:6-9; 102:25-27; 104:24-25; 90:1-4)