(Jacob Builds His Family)

Genesis 29:1-30:24
Key Verse 29:35a

1. Read 29:1-13. Describe Jacob's meeting with Rachel. Why was he so moved when he met her? Read 29:14-20. What wages did he and Laban agree on? How did Jacob carry out his part of the bargain? What do these events tell us about Jacob's character?

2. Read 29:21-30. How did Laban trick Jacob on his wedding night? What excuse did he make? What did they do? What does this show about Jacob? How did Jacob's life suddenly become very complicated?

3. Read 29:31-35. How did God show his love to Leah? What was the meaning of the names of each of her first three sons? What did she want? How did Judah's name show her change of heart?

4. Read 30:1-8. Why was Rachel not satisfied with her husband's love? What did she want? Why and how did Jacob rebuke her? What did do to solve her problem? What do the names of the sons born by her maidservant show about her inner life?

5. Read 30:9-13. What did Leah name the sons borne by her maidservant? What do these names show about her inner life? Read 30:14-21. How did she come to have 2 more sons? What were their names? In what way had her desires changed? How was she honored?

6. Read 30:22-24. When Rachel finally had a son, what did she name him? What does this show about her? When did she have another son? What were the consequence? (35:16-18) How did God use the struggles of Jacob and his wives to accomplish his own purpose?