(Jacob Builds His Wealth)

Genesis 30:25-31:55
Key Verse: 31:13

1. Read 30:25-30. What did Jacob tell Laban? Why was it time for a new contract? (30b) Why did Laban want Jacob to remain? Read 30:31-36. What were the terms of the new contract? How did Laban try to take advantage of Jacob?

2. Read 30:37-43. Describe Jacob's efforts to improve the quality of his stock and increase the number of flocks and herds. Read 31:4-12. What do Jacob's words tell us about Laban's treachery and about how Jacob became wealthy in spite of this?

3. Read 31:38-42. What do Jacob's words to Laban tell us about his life as a servant in Laban's house? What does this life tell us about the man Jacob?

4. Read 31:1-3 & 13-16. Why did Jacob decide to leave Paddan Aram? What was the importance of his vow at Bethel in his life? Why was it necessary that he return?

5. Read 31:14-21. How did Jacob attempt to deceive Laban? Why? What did Rachel do and why? Read 31:22-37. How did God protect Jacob?

6. Read 31:43-55. Describe the parting of Jacob and Laban. Why would it be difficult for Jacob ever to return to Paddan Aram? What do the events of Paddan Aram reveal about Jacob? About God?