Genesis 32:1-33:11
Key Verse: 32:28

1. Read 32:1-8. How did God reveal his protection? Why might Jacob need protection? How did Jacob make initial contact with Esau? What was the messengers' report? How did Jacob interpret the report? How did he calculate and prepare for Esau?

2. Read 32:9-12. In his prayer how did Jacob address God? What did he remember about God's promises and God's grace? What was his one main prayer request? What does this prayer show about his faith?

3. Read 32:13-21. After praying, what did Jacob do? What instructions did he give his servants? Why? What does this reveal about Jacob?

4. Read 32:22-26. What did Jacob get up in the middle of the night to do? Why? Describe the wrestling match. What was the outcome? How was Jacob injured? What blessing did he want? Who was struggling with Jacob?

5. Read 32:27-32. What blessing did God give Jacob? What is the meaning of the changed name? What did Jacob name this place? Why?

6. Read 33:1-11. Describe the meeting of Esau and Jacob. In what respect was this meeting anti-climactic ? How had God answered Jacob's prayer? Why did Jacob say that seeing Esau's face was like "seeing the face of God"?