Genesis 33:12-35 (46,47,48,49)
Key verse 35:3

1. Read 33:12-20.What did Esau propose? Why did Jacob refuse? Where did he go ? How did he establish himself there? (17-20) Why might he want to settle down there near Shechem? Why could this not be what God wanted? (31:13; 28:20-22)

2. Describe the event that forced Jacob to leave Shechem. (34:1-31) Read 34:30-31and 49:5-7. How did Simeon and Levi displease Jacob? What does Jacob's attitude at this time show about his change of character?

3. Read 35:1-5. What did God tell Jacob to do? Why? (28:13-15,20-22; 31:13) How did Jacob prepare himself and his family to meet God at Bethel? Why did not one pursue hm?

4. Read 35:6-15. What did Jacob do when he arrived at Bethel? Why? Why did he name the place El Bethel? What did God say to Jacob? When had God said these things before? (32:28; 28:13,14)

5. What did Jacob do to show his love for God and his faith in God's promises? (35:13-15) Read 35:8,16-29. What were the human joys and sorrows which Jacob experienced during these times? Learn the names of Jacob's sons.

6. After Joseph was lost and found 20 years later, Jacob went to Egypt. Read 46:1-7,26,27. What was God's purpose in sending Jacob's family to Egypt? Read 47:7-10. What does Jacob's meeting with Pharaoh tell us about his faith and life?

7. Read 48:11-16. What does this blessing on Joseph's sons show about Jacob' life and faith? Read 47:27-31; 49:28-33. What can we learn about Jacob and the God of Jacob from Jacob's final days. (Heb 11:9,10,21)