Genesis 37-39
Key Verse 39:2

1. Read 37:1-11.Why did Joseph's brothers hate him? What was his home atmosphere probably like? How did God reveal to Joseph a larger purpose for his life? How was Joseph's inner life different from that of his brothers?

2. Read 37:12-17. What errand did Jacob give Joseph? How did Joseph carry out the mission his father gave him? What does this show about him?

3. Read 37:18-36. How did Joseph's brothers come to sell him to Midianite traders going to Egypt? What were the roles of Judah and Reuben in this crime? How did they explain to their father, and how did this affect his life? What happened to Joseph? (Ps 105:17,18)

4. Read 38:1-30. Why did Judah leave home? Describe his family life among the Canaanites. Who was Tamar? Why did Judah say, "She is more righteous than I..." (26) How does God use her to bring Judah back into the covenant history? (See also Mt: 1:2,3

5. Read 39:1-10. How did Joseph rise to power in Potiphar's house? What did he have to overcome? Why and how did Potiphar's wife try to seduce Joseph? What did he tell her?

6. Read 39:11-20a. What happened one day? What happened to Joseph because of her lies? Read 39:20b-23. What happened to Joseph in prison? What difference did it make that "God was with