Genesis 40-41
Key verse: 41:51,52

1. Read 40:1-8. What was Joseph's situation when he met the king's cupbearer and baker? What was their situation? How did Joseph show a shepherd's concern for them? How could he help them? What did he teach them about God?

2. Read 40:9-22. What was the cupbearer's dream? How did Joseph interpret it? How was the baker's dream similar to the cupbearer's? How did Joseph show himself to be an honest and fearless teacher of God's revelation? How were the two dreams fulfilled?

3. Read 41:1-13. What request had Joseph made of the cupbearer? Why? What was the strange dream that Pharaoh had? When did the cupbearer remember Joseph? (40:14,23; 40:9) What did he tell Pharaoh about Joseph?

4. Read 41:14-42. How did Joseph prepare to go to Pharaoh? What were Joseph's first words to Pharaoh? What does this show about him? What did Joseph teach Pharaoh about God's sovereign control of nature and history? What did the dreams mean? (17-32)

5. Read 41:33-40. How did Joseph counsel Pharaoh? Why was he not afraid of offending Pharaoh? How does this show his shepherd mind for Pharaoh and Egypt? Why did Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of his palace and in charge of Egypt?

6. Read 41:41-49. What did Joseph do after being make prime minister of Egypt? How old was he? How did Pharaoh honor him and provide for him? How did Joseph use his privileges? What does this show about his faith?

7. Read 41:50-57. What did Joseph name his sons? What does this reveal about his faith? How did God reveal his sovereignty over Egypt and the world? How did he use Joseph to save many lives?