Genesis 42-44
Key verse: 44:33

1. Read 42:1-5. Why did Jacob send 10 of his sons to Egypt? (1-5) How urgent was their problem in Canaan? Why did he not send Benjamin?

2. Read 42:6-17. Describe the initial meeting of Joseph with his brothers. Why did Joseph remember his dreams? What did he find out about his family by accusing them of being spies? How did he first propose to test them?

3. Read 42:18-24. Which brother did Joseph keep as a hostage? What did he tell the others to do to prove their sincerity? When the brothers talked among themselves, what did they reveal about their burden of guilt? How did their confession affect Joseph?

4. Read 42:25-38. What additional anxiety did Joseph give his brothers? When they discovered money in one grain sack, what was their reaction? Why? What did they report to their father? What did they discover? What reveals the sorrow and fatalism in Jacob's heart?

5. Read 43:1-14. Why did Jacob finally send Benjamin? Read 43:15-34. How were they received? Why were they so frightened? Describe their meeting with Joseph? What puzzled them about the banquet?

6. Read 44:1-13. How did Joseph test them? What does the brothers' reaction show about their changed hearts? Read 44:14-33. What offer did Joseph make? What was Judah's plea? How has he been changed? How did God use Joseph to bring his brothers to repentance?