Genesis 45:1-50:26
(45:1-26; 46:26-47:27; 50:15-26)
Key Verse: 50:20

1. Read 45:1-8. When and how did Joseph reveal himself to his brothers? How did they react? How did Joseph view his life? Why had God sent him to Egypt? How did his mission make him great? (8) What can we learn about God?

2. Read 45:9-26. How did Joseph save his father and brothers physically? Spiritually?

3. Read 46:26-34. How many of Jacob's family came to Egypt? Describe Joseph's meeting with his father? How did he provide a place for his family to live and grow in Egypt? (47:1-12)

4. Read 47:13-26. How did Joseph deal with the people of Egypt who were starving because of the famine? How did the people respond to this treatment? Why? (25) How did Joseph show his loyalty to Pharaoh? What does this reveal about Joseph?

5. Read 50:15-26. Why did Joseph's brothers become fearful after Jacob's death? How did they reveal their repentance?

6. What did Joseph teach them? What can we learn about Joseph's faith? (50:19-21) What hope did Joseph plant in his family? (22-26) Joseph is not in Jesus' genealogy. In what way does he point to Jesus?