Genesis 3:1-24
Key Verse: 3:15

1. Read verse 1. Who does the serpent represent? (Rev 12:7-9) What is characteristic of his nature? (Jude 6; Eze 28:12-17; Jn 8:44) What did he say to the woman? Why?

2. Read verse 2-3. What does her answer reveal about her attitude toward God and his word? Read verse 4-5. How did the serpent lie? How did he stir her pride and rebellious ambition? How did he raise doubt about God's love? Why did he do these things?

3. Read verse 6. Why did she eat the forbidden fruit? Why did she give some to her husband? What can we learn here about how to overcome temptation? (See Mt 4:1-11)

4. Read verse 7-10. What can we see here about their changed relationships with God and each other? About man's lostness? Read verses 11-13. What excuses did they make when God questioned them. Why?

5. Read verse 14-15. How did God's curse on the serpent destroy his pride? How did it plant hope in mankind? In what way is verse 15 the pre-gospel?

6. Read verses 16-19. How did God punish the woman? The man? How is this related to the blessing? (1:28) What does it mean that God cursed the ground? (see Ro 8:20,21) [How does the gospel remove the curse and restore freedom and mission? (Gal 3:13; Jn 3:16-18; Mk 16:15)]

7. Read verses 20-23. In what other way did God show his love for fallen man? How did Adam heal his relationship with his wife? Why did God drive them from the Garden? What is the significance of the tree of life? (Rev 22:2,14,19)