Genesis 4:1-5:32
Key Verse: 4:7

1. Read 4:1-5a. Who were Cain and Abel and what sacrifices did each offer to God? How did God regard each man and his offering? Why? What does this show about them? About God? (Heb 11:4)

2. Read 4:5b-7. How did Cain react to God’s rejection of his offering? What does this show about his view of himself and his attitude toward God? What additional light does verse 7 throw on Cain’s problem? How did God seek to help Cain?

3. Read verse 8. How did Cain receive God’s word? What was his motive for murder? Read verses 9-10. Why did God ask the question? What does Cain’s response show about him? What does verse 10 mean?

4. Read 4:11-16. How did God punish Cain? How did he protect him? What does it mean to be a restless wanderer? How did Cain react to his punishment? Why?

5. Read 4:17-24. Why did Cain build a city and name it after his son? What does Lamech’s family show about human culture without God? How did Lamech use God’s word of grace and mercy to justify his sinful actions?

6. Read 4:25; 5:1-3, 18-32. Compare the descendants of Adam by Seth with the descendants of Cain. What are the signs of hope in Seth’s line? What evidence is there of a spiritual remnant of God’s people?