Genesis 6-7
Key verse: 6:9

1. Read 6:1-4. From the context of this chapter, who are the sons of God, and who are the daughters of men? What was the basis of marriage? How did God express his displeasure (3)? What seemed good about the fruit of these marriages? What was wrong?

2. Read 6:5-6. What did God see that grieved him and filled his heart with pain? What was so evil about the inclinations of men’s hearts? (see Lk 17:27)

3. Read 6:7-13. How did the evil inclinations of men’s hearts erupt into evil actions and evil lives? (11,12) Describe the times of Noah. What did God decide to do? (7,13) What can we learn here about the way sin spreads? What can we learn about God?

4. Read 6:8-10 again. What does it mean that Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord? What does it mean that Noah was a righteous man (6:9 and 7:1)? In what respect was he different from the people of his times?

5. Read verses 11-21. What did God tell Noah about his plans for the world? What did God tell Noah to do? What is the evidence of Noah’s faith? (6:22; 7:5,9,16) [Heb 11:7] Why might obedience have been difficult? What is the importance of one man’s obedient faith?

6. Read 6:18-22. What was God’s covenant with Noah? Read 7:1-16. Describe the entrance of Noah, his family and the animals into the ark. Read 7:17-24. How thorough was the destruction of all living things? What can we learn here about sin? About God?