Genesis 8:1-11:9
Key Verse: 8:1a

1. Read 8:1-12. What does it mean that “God remembered Noah”? How did God prepare an environment for Noah? What does this suggest about God’s care for one man? How did the dove bring Noah hope the second time it returned?

2. Read 8:13-19. When did Noah, his family and the animals come out of the ark? How long had they been there? Read 8:20-22. What did Noah do? Why? Why was God pleased? What did he promise? Had the devastating flood solved man’s sin problem? Why not?

3. Read 9:1-7. How did God bless Noah and his sons? How did he reestablish order (2,3)? How and why was this necessarily different from the original creation order? Why is human life more precious than animal life? How did God emphasize the value of man’s life?

4. How did God’s prohibition regarding blood prepare the way for atonement the solving of man’s sin problem? (See Lev 17:11)

5. Read 9:8-17. Describe the covenant of life which God made with all living creatures. Why did mankind need to be reminded that life is precious? What does the rainbow teach us about God?

6. Read 9:18-28. How did Ham violate spiritual order? What does God’s punishment of Canaan teach us about the importance of spiritual order in the family and in society?

7. Peruse the contents of chapter 10. How is this chapter related to the Babel incident? Read 11:1-9. What does the building of the tower of Babel reveal about mankind past and present? Why is God displeased? How did God deal with this problem? Why?