Genesis 12:1-13:4 (11:10-32)
Key verse: 12:2

1. Read 11:27-32. Describe Abram's family. What was his problem? Where was his original home? To where did he first move? (Acts 7:2-4; Joshua 24:2,3)

2. Read 12:1-5. What did God command him to do? What did God promise him? Why must he leave human security behind in order to receive God's blessing? How did his present condition make becoming a great nation hard to believe?

3. What does it mean that God promised to make his name great? That he would be a blessing to others? That "all peoples on earth will be blessed through you"? How did Abram show his faith in God and in God's promises? (4) Where did he go? Who went with him?

4. Read verses 6-9. As he traveled through the land, why might it have been disturbing to find powerful Canaanites in their walled cities? What promise did God make? What was Abram's response? What was the spiritual meaning of the altars Abram built? (7,8; 13:3,4)

5. Read verses 10-20. Compare Abram's motives in going to Egypt with his motives in going to Canaan. What plan did he make before entering Egypt? Why? How did the plan work out? Contrast life in Egypt with life in Canaan. Why didn't he build altars in Egypt?

6. How did God protect Abram's family? What can we learn here about the weaknesses in men of faith? Read 13:1-4. How did Abram show his repentance? What can we learn about the faithfulness of God?