Genesis 13:1-18
Key Verse 13:15

1. Read verses 1-5. How had God blessed Abram in Egypt? What does this show about God's grace? Where was Lot and how had he shared God's blessings? What did Abram do when he returned to Canaan? What does this show about him?

2. Read verses 5-7. What was Abram's relationship to Lot? What problem arose between them? Read 13:8-9. What was the unselfish solution Abram proposed? How had his attitude toward material things and people changed?

3. Read verses 10-13. How is the plain of the Jordan described? What is said about Sodom? What ominous hint is given about its future? Where did Lot choose to live? What kind of life was he looking for? How was Lot's faith different from that of Abram?

4. Read verses 14-17. After Lot left, why might Abram have been sorry and discouraged? What promise did God again give Abram? What did he tell him to do? How might this promise comfort Abram? What does this teach about God?

5. Read 13:18. How did Abram respond to God's promise? What does this show about him?