John 13:1-17

Key Verse: 13:15


1. Read verse 1. What was the time? What did Jesus know? (1) What was involved in his going to the Father? Who were his own who were in the world? How had he showed them his love?



2. What does it mean that he showed them the full extent of his love? (The RSV says, “He loved them to the end.”) Why is this important?



3. Read verse 2. How had Satan already attacked Jesus and his disciples? What happened to the one who did not love Jesus nor receive his word? (Jn 6:67-71; 12:4-6) What can we learn here?



4. Read verses 3-5. What did Jesus know about himself? How did Jesus demonstrate his love? What was Jesus teaching his disciples by washing their feet? How is this act an expression of love?



5. Read verses 6-11. What did Peter say when Jesus came to him? Why? Why did Jesus insist that he wash Peter’s feet? Why did Peter surrender?



6. Why must one accept the grace of Jesus in order to have a love relationship with him? What does verse 10 mean? (Jn 15:3)



7. Read verses 12-17. How did Jesus explain the meaning of what he had done? How did he want them to express their love for him and for one another? How can we show Jesus’ love to others practically?