Mark 10:17-31

Key Verse 10:21b


1. What was the serious problem of the young man who came and fell on his knees before Jesus? What kind of person was he? (17,20,22) (see also Lk.18:18) (What is eternal life?--Jn.17:3)

2. What did Jesus say to him about goodness? Why?(18) Why did Jesus ask him only about the commandments having to do with love for neighbors? (the last 5 of the 10 commandments)(19)

3. How did he answer? What does this tell us about him? In what sense was his answer true? What, probably, was his purpose in keeping the letter of the law?

4. How did Jesus accept this young man? How did he try to help him? (21) What was the one thing he lacked? (Mt.6:24)

5. What did Jesus' words suggest about the young man's value system? About where he sought security? What does Jesus teach about real security? (cf. Ps.91:2; Mt.13:44-46)

6. How might Jesus' words help this young man overcome his selfishness and his superficial attitude toward the commandments about neighbors?

7. What is the meaning of Jesus' invitation, "Then come, follow me"? How their response? Why was it necessary for him to make a decision? Why couldn't he decide to commit himself to Jesus?

8. What did Jesus teach his disciples about the kingdom of heaven? What was their response? How did Jesus make them even more amazed? (24,25) How did Jesus answer their question, "Who then can be saved"? What does this mean?


9. How was peter like the rich young man? How was he different? Why must Jesus' people leave the security of home to follow Jesus? What does this mean?

l0. What reward does Jesus promise those who make sacrifices to follow Jesus? What is the real reward and security of God's children? Why does he mention persecutions as a reward?