Mark 12:18-40

Key Verse: 12:26b


1. Who were the Sadducees? What did they believe about the resurrection? About angels and spiritual things? (18, Acts 23:8) What does this show about them?

2. What was the sad story they told? What was their question? What was the law on which their question was based? (Dt.25:5-6; See also Gen. 38) What was their purpose in asking such a question?

3. What does their story and question reveal about the things they thought about? What did Jesus say to these gloomy people? (24,25) Why did they need Bible study?

4. What did they need to know about life after the resurrection? What does it mean to be like the angels? What else does the Bible say about life at the resurrection? (1Cor.15:42-44,49) How does this free us from anxiety about death?

5. What did God say to Moses from the burning bush? What does this teach about God and his power? In what way were the Sadducees so badly mistaken?

6. What was the content of Abraham's faith in the living God? (Heb. 11:9,10) What about Isaac and Jacob? What difference does it make to us to believe as Abraham did? (Heb. 11:13-16)


7. How and why did a certain young man change the debate topic from sophistry to Bible study? What did Jesus answer? What was the man's response? How did Jesus praise him? What did Jesus mean?

8. What does it mean to love God with all one's heart? Soul? Mind? With all one's strength? How is loving one's neighbor related to loving God?

9. What was the one question Jesus asked them? (Psalm 110:1) What does this teach about the Messiah Jesus? About his ultimate victory over his enemies?

10. What warning did Jesus give the people about the teachers of the law? What does this passage teach about the difference between spiritual and unspiritual men?