Mark 14:1-26

Key Verse 14:24


1. What was the time and what was the general atmosphere underlying the events of this chapter? What was the significance of this particular time?

2. What unexpected thing happened while Jesus and his disciples were having dinner in the home of Simon?

3. How did those present react at this woman's action? Why? What is the element of truth in their practical words? What was wrong with their idea? (4,5)

4. How did Jesus respond to her action? Through her action, what did he teach about himself? What was the meaning of her action? Why did Jesus respond as he did?

5. In what respects is Judas a contrast to this woman? What do you think motivated him to betray Jesus to the chief priests?


6. How did Jesus make preparations for celebrating the Passover? What did he want his disciples to learn through preparing for the Passover? (12-16)

7. After they assembled, what is the first thing Jesus told them? What did they reveal about themselves in their reaction? Why did Jesus give them a hint and a warning about the betrayer?

8. What did Jesus-teach them through taking bread, giving thanks and breaking it? What does this mean to them and to us?

9. What is the meaning of the cup from which they all drank? What is the meaning of "the blood of the covenant"? What promise does he plant in their hearts through this event?