Mark 14:27-52

Key Verse 14:36


1. According to Jesus, how would his words from Zechariah 13:7 be fulfilled? What promise did Jesus give his disciples? (28) Why was this an important promise?

2. How did they respond to Jesus' words? What specific prediction did Jesus make about Peter? Why wouldn't Peter listen to Jesus' words? How was Jesus trying to help Peter and the others? (See Lk.22:31,32)


3. In Gethsemane, who did Jesus take with him to his place of prayer? What did he tell them? What did he ask them to do? Why? What does "Going a little farther..." mean?

4. What was Jesus' prayer topic? What was "his hour" and "this cup"? How did he address God? What were the two conflicting things with which he struggled in prayer?

5. What were the disciples doing while he prayed? Why? What did he ask them? Why did he urge them to watch and pray?

6. How many times did he go and pray and come back to wake them up? What did he say to them after he finished his prayer? What was his attitude?


7. Who was Judas? 'How did he participate in Jesus' arrest? Why did he do this?

8. What effort did the disciples make to defend Jesus? Why? What did Jesus teach them? Why did he neither defend himself nor permit the disciples to defend him?

  1. How were Jesus' earlier words of warning and the Scripture prophecies fulfilled?

10. What did the disciples do? Why does the author mention the young man who ran away naked?