Mark 14:53-15:15

Key Verse 14:62


1. Who were those who gathered to try Jesus? What was the Sanhedrin? What was their purpose in holding this illegal trial? How does this fulfill Jesus' prophecy in Mark 12:1-12 (53-55)

How could God's people get so far from God's purpose for them? (Ex.19:4-6)

2. Who testified against Jesus? What specific charge did some make? (Compare Jn.2:19-22) Why did none of these testimonies stand up? How did Jesus respond to all these charges? Why?

3. What specific question did the high priest ask Jesus? (61b) What was Jesus' answer? What does this answer teach us about Jesus' true identity? What implicit warning to evil men is in his words?

4. How did the high priest and the others react to Jesus' testimony? What did they do to Jesus? What does this show about man's propensity to evil? (Compare Lk.4:18,19; Mk. 3:10) What was the deeper meaning of these things? (See Isa.53:6,7)


5. What had Peter been doing? (53,54) Why did he do this? What does this reveal about his spiritual condition?

6. Where was he and who recognized him? How did he answer? Why?

Describe his second and third denials. In what way was he more loyal than the others? Why did his loyalty evaporate?

7. When did he come to his senses? What did he remember? (Compare 30,31) What did he do? What does this show about him? Why is it important to remember Jesus' words?


8. What decision did the Sanhedrin reach? Who was Pilate and why did the Jews hand Jesus over to him? (See Jn.19:31) What did they evidently charge him with? (2) Why?

9. How did Pilate question Jesus, and why was he surprised at Jesus' answer, then with his silence? (2-5) (What did Jesus mean by acknowledging his kingship?)

10. What did Pilate know about Jesus' innocence? (10; Mt.27:19) How did he attempt to compromise? How and why did he fail? What kind of a man was Pilate? What do these trials reveal about Jesus?