Mark 6:1-29

Key Verse 6:7


1. What did the people of Jesus' hometown know about him? What was their first response to his ministry? Their next response to him? Why did they take offense at him?

2. Why was Jesus amazed and sorry? What was his comment? Why could he not do any great miracles in his hometown? What does this show about the importance of faith?


3. When Jesus sent his disciples out for fieldwork training, why did he send them out two by two?

4. What spiritual equipment did he give them? Why is this authority most important to God's servants?

5. What were the strict limitations he gave them? What are the basic principles that he wanted to teach them and disciples of all times?

6. How did he teach them confidence in the superiority of the gospel? (10-11) Why is this confidence important for disciples to have?

7. What was the disciples' message and what did they do during their fieldwork training? What did Jesus want them to learn from this fieldwork?

* KING HEROD (14-29)

8. Why did Jesus' name become so well known? What did the people think about him? What was Herod's reaction when he heard? Why did he react like this?

9. How had Herod come to commit a terrible crime and become a demon-possessed slave of Satan? What does the incident recorded in 17-29 tell us about the man Herod?

10. What does this incident contribute to our understanding of the environment into which Jesus sent his disciples for fieldwork training? How can we receive such fieldwork training?