Mark 8:38-9:13

Key Verse 9:2b,3


1. Read 8:38. What is the glorious event toward which all history moves? What had Jesus been teaching his disciples about the work of the Messiah? Why would anyone be ashamed of Jesus?

2. Why should we not be ashamed of Jesus? What are other implicit warnings in verse 38? What does this verse teach us about Jesus' faith?

3. What promise did Jesus give? How can we see the kingdom of God before we taste death? In the light of this promise, what should be our attitude toward our daily lives? What is our glorious hope? What must be our world vies?


4. When and where did the transfiguration take place? Who did Jesus take with him? Describe the transfigured Jesus.

5. What is the contrast between this image of Jesus and the one with which the disciples were familiar? (Compare Is. 53:2 and Rev.1:13-16) What was the main purpose of the transfiguration? (See 9b; 2)e. 1:16b) How can we have this glorious image imprinted on our hearts?


6. Who were Elijah and Moses? What did they have in common with Jesus? What is significant about their appearing to talk with him? How might they have encouraged him?

* LISTEN TO HIM (5-13)

7. How did the disciples respond to this event? How did Peter reveal his real mind? What did the voice of God teach about Jesus? Why did the disciples need the message God gave them? (The cloud represents God coming down to his people -- Ex. 13:21;16:10;19:9;24:15)

8. What charge did Jesus give them on the way down the mountain? Why didn't they understand? For the first time, about what did they begin to talk seriously?

9. Why did they ask about Elijah and what does Jesus' response teach about the real work of the Messiah and about God who deeps this promises?