Mark 10:17-31

Key Verse: 10:21


1.      Read verses 17-18. As Jesus started on his way, who came to him? What was this manís question and what was his attitude? What does it mean that he called Jesus ďgood teacher? How and why did Jesus correct him? What did he teach him about God and mankind, including himself?



2.      Read verses 19-20. What Bible lesson did Jesus teach him? What did the manís answer reveal about him?



3.      Read verse 21. How did Jesus regard this young man? How did Jesus show him his love? What was the one thing he lacked? What was Jesusí invitation? What reward did Jesus promise him? What does this mean?



4.      Read verse 22-25. How did the young man respond? What does his refusal reveal about him? What was Jesusí comment to his disciples?(23) Why were the disciples amazed?(24) What does verse 25 mean?



5.      Read verses 26-27. Why were they even more amazed? What was their big question? Why were they confused? How did Jesus answer their question? What does this teach us about salvation?



6.      Read verse 28-31. What was in Peter's mind? What did Jesus promise Peter and everyone? Why does he mention persecution? How does his promise give us hope and courage? (See 1Pe 1:6,7; Ro 8:17-18.)