Mark 10:32-45

Key Verse: 10:45




1.      Read verse 32. Describe Jesus and his disciples on their way up to Jerusalem. Why were the disciples astonished and those who followed afraid? Read verses 33-34. What did he tell the Twelve? When had he told them this before? (8:31-32; 9:12; 9:31-32)


2.  Read verses 35-36. What did James and John ask Jesus? What was Jesus' response?


3.  Read verses 37-40. What was their request? Why did Jesus say, "You don't know what you are asking?" What does their "We can" tell us about them? What did Jesus promise? To what does "cup" and "baptism" refer? What could he not promise? Why?


4.  Read verses 41-45. Why were the ten indignant? What did Jesus teach them about the difference between disciples and worldly rulers, between greatness in God's kingdom and greatness in the world? What was Jesus' example? How did Jesus serve?

5.  Read verses 46-52. What did the blind man by the side of the road shout? What did he know about Jesus? Why did people rebuke him? What was Jesus' invitation (49)? What did Jesus ask him? (Compare with disciples.)

6.  What was the man's request from Jesus? What did Jesus do for him? What can we learn about Jesus from this event? From the crowd? What can we learn from the blind man?