Mark 11:1-19

Key Verse: 11:10



1.      Read verses 1-2. Why was Jesus going to Jerusalem? (10:45)When they arrived in the towns in the outskirts of Jerusalem area what errand did Jesus give two of his disciples? What was potentially difficult about this command?


2. †Read verses 3-6. How did the disciples carry out Jesusí instructions? What was the response of the people standing there? How did they answer the peoplesí query? Why was "the Lord needs it" sufficient reason to take the donkey? What does this event about the Lordship of Christ?

3. †Read verses 7-10. What did they do with the colt? Why did he want to enter Jerusalem in this way? (Zech 9:9-10) Describe the people's response. What does "Hosanna" mean? What is Jesus teaching us about himself?

4. †Read verse 11. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, where did he go? (Why didnít he go to Herodís or Pilotís palace?) What did he see? Then where did he go?

5. †Read verses 12-14. On the way from Bethany to Jerusalem, what did Jesus see and do? What lesson was he teaching his disciples? How was the fig tree like the temple? (Compare (Isa 5:2)

6. †Read verses 15-19. What did Jesus do? Why was he angry? Think about God's purpose for his city and people (Isa 2:3; Ex 19:6a). What did Jesus teach from the Bible about the true purpose of the temple? (17) For what should God's people pray?

7. How did the religious leaders respond to Jesusí action? Why?