Mark 11:20-25

Key Verse: 11:22


1.      Read verses 20-21. As Jesus and his disciples walked along, what did Peter notice? (11:14) What did he remember? Why was he so excited by the power and authority of Jesus’ words?

2.  Read verses 22-23. How did Jesus respond? Why did he command them to have faith in God? (What did the religious leaders lack?) What did Jesus teach his disciples about faith and power?

3.  What does it mean to have faith in God? How does faith challenge human limits? Why must it?

4.  Read verse 24. What is the connection between faith and prayer? Why must one who has faith pray? Why must one who prays have faith? Why must we overcome doubt? How can we?

5.  Read verse 25. What hinders prayer? Why? What can we do about those who have hurt us with real or imagined wrongs? Why does it take faith to forgive? Why is forgiving a condition for prayer? How serious is it to hold on to grudges, old wounds, things that have offended or hurt us?